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This website is provided to give guidance to community groups who may be considering applying for a grant from the Grampound Community Fund. It is only guidance and applicants are advised to seek advice from members of the community advisory panel or from Grantscape before submitting applications. In the case of any differences between what is on this website and what is on the Grantscape website, the Grantscape website and the information given by Grantscape staff will be the definitive information.

Grampound Community Fund

A Community Benefit Fund has been established for the two wind turbines that were installed on land at Garlenick in 2013. The Fund will be available for the lifetime of the operational site and will provide grants for local organisations, projects and good causes.

Fund Overview

The Grampound Community Fund has £18,000 available per year for community grants (originally £15,000 p.a. but has increased through indexation) with a minimum grant of £150 and a maximum of £9,000 (more in exceptional cases). There will be one funding round each year. If not all the available money is allocated in that round, the balance will be carried over to the next year.

In addition, just during the first year, a one-off amount of £50,000 was also made available.

Who can apply for a grant?

To be eligible for a grant, you need to be a properly constituted, not-for-profit, or non profit-distributing community/voluntary group or charity. This includes the parish council. The group must be based within the parish of Grampound with Creed and the project must be for the benefit of people within the parish.

What types of projects can the Fund support?

Grants are available for community and environmental projects. Examples include energy efficiency schemes, public playgrounds, sports equipment, community centres, or other projects that can demonstrate a clear community benefit.

How are grant decisions made?

All applications for grants will be made to Grantscape, a charity appointed by Airvolution to administer the monies. The local advisory panel meets each year to consider the applications submitted and advise Grantscape as to which projects it is recommending for approval.

How do I apply for a grant?

The 2023 funding round closed for applications on 15 March 2023. See Funds.

Panel meetings to consider grant applications

For further information, see Panel Meetings.